STEM Learning Hub

STEM Learning Hub

Students at Vista Hills will be taking part in this exciting project this year.

We will be interacting with other classes outside of our school, city and country to share ideas on STEM changes that we are given through out the year.                      

Meet our Friends in New York:
Meet our Friends in Waterloo:
We will be using the hashtag #STEMhub  to follow what our friends are doing through out this project and to share our learning with others around the world

Each Learning Hub will draw a challenge each month and we will collaborate using our blogs.  Each student is responsible to find a creative solution to the challenge on their personal blog.  Students will then give feedback and share their thoughts on what their learning hub peers have created.  

List of a few of our STEM Challenges:
  • Create a something that will help to solve an environmental issue
  • Create something that will help to solve a water issue around the world
  • Create something that will help an animal during the winter season
  • How would you solve a local environmental issue in your area?
  • In every nursery rhyme there is always a problem- pick the nursery rhyme and build a solution to  their problem
  • Create a manmade structure to help an animal better  complete its niche
  • World travel has a huge impact on the environment come up a solution to enable humans to keep their passion for travelling
  • Natural disasters can make a huge impact on where and how humans live.  Come up with a solution to help humans find a solution for your chosen natural disaster
  • Sometimes humans have to overcome an obstacle in their everyday lives (ie losing a limb) design a solution to your chosen obstacle
  • You have been given the task to explain an important science concept to young children.  Pick your science concept and a unique way to teach the younger students.  
  • Entrepreneurs can make big money by designing something that fills a void to something that people need.  List what your void is and show your solution
  • Space travel is very important but difficult at time because of space, gravity and other factors.  List a space problem and your solution
  • Chemicals can have a big impact on the environment if not disposed of properly.  Find a problem and explain your solution
  • It is important for engineers to make building that can hold a lot of weight but also be tall.  Design a building that can hold the most weight and is the tallest.
  • When pipelines get backed up it is difficult for scientist to find out what is the problem.  Create something that can see down the pipe to solve the problem
  • The dispersal of seeds is important to the growth of new plants.  Find a way to help plants better disperse their seeds for growth
  • Building tiny houses is a big epidemic- find an eco-friendly plan to design your own tiny house
  • Technology is a critical tool in connecting people around the world. The Internet alone has had a huge impact on how news, ideas, and culture. However the waste of technology has a large impact on the environment.  How can we reduce that impact
  • Buildings like the eiffel tower are wonders that defy gravity but draw in millions of tourist a year.  Design a building that defies gravity and tell us about its tourist purpose
  • Firefighters help to rescue lost animals every year and it can be time consuming for them to do so.  Find a quick solution to help animal get down in a quicker fashion. State the situation of rescue with your solution
  • The shape of a satellite dish is often a parabola.  Design a satellite dish that will create the best signal
  • Oil spills can make a big mess for wildlife and the waterways. Choose one solution to an oil spill problem
  • Parents are often finding a simple and easy way to carry their children around with minimal strain of their bodies.  Can you design something help parents out
  • Aid Packages are very important for countries who have had major disaster.  However they are often delivered by an air drop and often break all over the ground.  Design a package that withstand the drop to the ground but hold lots of items

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